About me

I am Sofia, a full-time scientific and medical writer with a PhD in biology.

Working in academia for more than eight years has allowed me to develop a broad knowledge of biomedical research and diverse therapeutic areas, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and diabetic complications. I am an author of several academic publications (research articles, reviews, book chapters, and conference abstracts; click here for the full publication list), and I successfully applied for grants (research and travel funding). During my doctoral and postdoctoral work, I have developed a strong passion for scientific writing, which was the main driver for my transition from academia to medical communications.

Through my working experience in Germany and multiple research stays in the USA and Australia, I am equally comfortable writing in German and English language.

As a person, I am reliable, easy to work with, and I appreciate professional and friendly communication.

Please reach out to me for requests on my CV or writing samples.

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