Dr. Sofia Urner

Scientific &
Medical Writing

Scientific & Medical Writing

Science is a fascinating and complex field that requires rigorous interpretation and clear communication of data.

As a scientific and medical writer, I provide writing and editing services for biology, medicine, and health topics. I have a strong background in biomedical research, with more than eight years of working experience in academia and several authored publications.

I am specialized in medical communications, covering educational, journalistic, and promotional writing, which addresses a wide range of audiences – from experts to lay audiences.

I provide all my services in English or German language.

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Educational Writing

  • Scientific publications
  • Grant proposals
  • Conference abstracts and presentations
  • Health education materials

Journalistic & Promotional Writing

  • Magazine and news articles
  • Blog / website / newsletter content
  • Marketing and advertisement content

Writing Support

  • Editing and proofreading
  • Consulting and publication planning
  • Translations (English/German)